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NYC vs. London: More reader responses (you have many, many opinions)



"I’ve visited New York twice, and London a handfull. As a brit I have to be honest and say I think London is awful. So many People are rude and impatient, whereas New York seems to be full of helpful, happy people. It’s the people who make a city, and New York is miles ahead in my opinion." -liamnicholson

"I live 45 mins from NYC. But also lived in London for 6 months. I dislike going into NYC but can’t wait till I can visit London again! I may like London more because I know how to get around. Whereas with NYC I am lost. But I think London is cleaner and I was living in the East End (Mile End). And London also has Nando’s which NYC does not…" -shudameister

"I’m a native of Los Angeles who has been to both and they are both FABULOUS! Praise them to the stars and back! But they are completely different! It’s an apples to oranges comparison. The history is different, the culture is different, the energy is different. New York is a very American city, and London is very, very English. My personal preference is for London — it’s more laidback of the two and not so overpowering." -superannuatedseeker

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London has the British Museum and the British Library.  London wins.

Simple patch with an e340 (with FM modulation from an Anti-Oscillator) feeding an A-124 Wasp Filter. Sci-Fi noises galore!